Defying uncertainty in the manufacturing sector

How can we support you in helping your mid-market customers to defy uncertainty so they can thrive, even through unprecedented times of growth and globalisation?

Our Mid-Market proposition is built on an industry-focused approach, fuelled by a prevention-first philosophy. In the manufacturing sector alone, there are a myriad of evolving risks that can affect our clients in this space especially during a timing of high growth, with 59%* of UK firms predicting an increase in productivity over the next 12 months. The increased use of robotics, 3D printing and the progression of the internet of things, means the risk landscape for this sector is continuously changing.

As new technology is being developed all the time, innovations such as the growing use of telematics can play a significant role to the running of a mid-market sized manufacturing business. Through sensor technology, these businesses are now able to track and collect valuable data to understand how their business is performing - and through that expand and develop effective risk-management strategies, as well as implementing future business development plans.

Have you read our recent In-depth feature in Insurance Age? We’ve been working with our solicitor partners Weightmans, to further our understanding of the manufacturing sector allowing us to work with you to develop tailored insurance solutions that best meets your client’s needs. Read the full article here for more information.

To learn more about how we can help you to support your manufacturing customers to flourish today, tomorrow and in the future, please speak to your usual Aviva underwriter.


*Natwest Mid-Market Britain 2018

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