Summer is finally here, are you aware of the associated risks?

Our seasonal Risk-Management Bulletin compiles some of the key factors businesses should be aware of at this time of year.

In our bulletin, we look at some of the common risks the summer months can throw up – such as sun exposure for outdoor workers and the dangers associated with summer driving. Plus, if you’re keen for more tips and guidance on a particular topic, you'll also find links in each section to further, more details information and handy risk assessment checklists.

Taking precautions and carrying out the right checks now will help protect your business from getting burnt this season.

You can download the summer Risk-Management Bulletin here: download


Broker Create

Did you know that you can personalise our summer bulletin to your business?

Simply go to Broker Create and select 'Summer Risk-Management Bulletin' from the range of marketing templates available and personalise them with your company logo. To access the templates just log onto Aviva Broker using your username and password and access Broker Create through the Marketing Mentor portal or click on the following link:


And finally, enjoy the British summer while it’s here! 

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