Supporting your clients during the claims process

Brokers who invest in supporting their clients when they come to make a claim are rewarded with improved customer loyalty, positive word-of-mouth and a resulting boost to their business.

Calling your client to check that they’re happy with how their claim has been handled is your chance to ask for a testimonial, or a positive Google Review, or to talk about your referrals programme and how they might be able to help you.

Here are some of the ways you can help:

1. Keep in contact
At Aviva we keep customers updated throughout the claims process, but a call from you will always be welcome. Make your advice most useful by contacting your client towards the beginning of their claim and don’t forget you can easily access the latest financials, claims status and settlement dates online at Your Claims, accessed via Aviva Broker.

2. Offer your support
We pride ourselves in taking care of customers when they come to make a claim and it’s important they know you’re available too. The more you’re able to offer support, the more your time and advice will be appreciated and rewarded.

3. Help to minimise any hold ups  
It can be frustrating if there are delays during the claims process. To minimise this, encourage clients to deal directly with their insurer and respond to any information requests as quickly as possible.

At Aviva we have a simple ‘4 Steps to faster Claims’ providing top tips on speeding up the claims process.       

4. Go over their policy with them
We will always confirm cover at the point of claim, but having now made a claim your client will be much more interested in knowing exactly what their policy does and doesn’t cover. If you haven’t already, invest some time here to go over the details; get this right and they may want to review their other policies with you, presenting you with potential cross-selling opportunities.

5. Listen
If any customer is unhappy at any time we’ll do everything we can to put things right, but they may want someone else to talk to. Listen and be supportive, even if the problem is nothing to do with you, be sympathetic and make it clear that we’re here to help and get them back to normal, as quickly as possible.

In conclusion 

Brokers who invest in supporting clients during the claims process should see a corresponding improvement in their customer loyalty ratio, and a growth in their average lifetime value. Both of which will make you more profitable and better able to grow your business over time.

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