We’re simplifying our Fast Trade Marine commission

Many of you have told us that our Fast Trade Marine commission structures are really complicated. Therefore, based on your feedback, from the 1 November, we’re simplifying our Fast Trade Marine commissions.



The simplified commissions for Fast Trade Marine for both new business and renewals are;

·         25% for cargo annual

·         20% for cargo single

·         25% for freight


Who should buy Cargo on Fast Trade?


Our policy is suitable for the majority of businesses sending cargo worldwide who match the following criteria;

·         exporters, wholesalers, importers, retailers, manufacturers, franchisors or franchisees and suppliers with worldwide sendings up to £15,000,000

·         sendings must originate or end in the UK

·         UK domiciled businesses

·         claims in the past 3 years don’t exceed £5,000 or 2 incidents

·         not suitable where the proposer is a freight forwarder.



Who should buy Freight on Fast Trade?


Hauliers and couriers, covering their contractual liability for loss or damage to customers’ goods within the United Kingdom and Europe.

         general hauliers, general haulage contractors (including temperature controlled goods) and couriers

         UK domiciled businesses

         those with no bankruptcy, previous convictions or previous insurance refused

         those who’s claims value in past 3 years don’t exceed £5,000 or 2 incidents.



Did you know?

Our minimum premium for cargo annual is just £250 and cargo single starts at £100 with freight being just £300.

For more information on our Fast Trade Marine offering, just have a look at our guide today! 

If you have any questions about these simplified commissions or Fast Trade, just get in touch with your Aviva business development manager.

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