Is your business safe online?

You’ve worked hard to grow and develop your business; your reputation now proceeds it. Imagine if that reputation could be damaged irreparably within seconds and at the push of a button. It would feel devastating. 

That’s exactly what happens to businesses every day. Even global corporations are not immune. Facebook lost 15% off its share value in one day following the Channel 4 exposé, United Airlines lost $2billion in 24 hours following their treatment of a passenger. These are large corporations that may weather these reputational crises, most businesses won’t. 24% of businesses that suffer a reputational online crisis never recover pre-attack value and 16% cease trading.

Why Is Your Business at Risk Online?

The volume of data online and the speed at which it is uploaded, liked, shared and commented upon is phenomenal. Businesses can’t possibly read all the content online about them 24/7; it takes 33 hours to read 4,000 individual pieces of content. If you can’t keep on top of all that content, how can you possibly understand if there is any risk within that content? Not knowing is the risk. 

One tweet written about your business that is false or malicious, is available to an infinite audience. That tweet could be picked up by a follower within seconds and retweeted. They may have an audience of 1 million followers. Your reputation is now being assessed by 1 million plus people. If you haven’t seen that tweet, how can you defend your reputation? The damage has been done. 

There are practical steps you can take right now to lessen this risk. 

Understand your online presence;

  • Are your company social media passwords, limited and restricted to a selected employee(s)?
  • Have you and your employees received in depth social media training, including dealing with online risks? 
  • Do you monitor all conversations and posts online about your business? 
  • Would you know how to remove harmful posts from all social media platforms and general websites?

You need to be able to answer these questions with a yes. If you can’t and would like to learn more about this risk and protecting it, please contact your Aviva Sales Manager and ask about RiskEye.


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