The 6 marketing resolutions you need to keep this year

A tendency to look on the bright side is never more evident than at the start of the year when New Year resolutions are made.  Within days, sometimes within hours, most will have been quietly forgotten.

So with January already gone by in a flash here are some easy-to-keep resolutions for broker marketers everywhere to adopt in the coming year...

1. Update your look

This could include your website, your business card, email signature, etc.  Your website in particular needs to look and feel contemporary.  It’s likely to be the first interaction that most potential new customers have with your business and it needs to be a good one.  Use this guide for ideas on how to enhance the brand and commercial value of your website.

2. Work out more   

Pareto predicts that 20% of your marketing delivers 80% of your sales.  Do you know what the 20% is?  Work it out, and then do more of it. 

3. Improve your relationships

We all love the clients we never hear from...until they move to a competitor. Most move because they feel unappreciated, so make a point of keeping in touch with them throughout the year. The cost of acquiring a new customer is several times that of retaining an existing one. 

4. Give more to charity

Be inspired to give something back to the local community. By partnering with a local charity you can elevate your brand profile, generate positive PR and emotionally appeal to your target audience.

5. Get more organised

Plan a number of simple marketing campaigns within your updated marketing strategy. This should make you more proactive, deliver positive growth and fight the urge to procrastinate throughout the rest of the year.

6. Be more fun

If your office is a fun place to be then your employees should be happier, work harder, and sell more. It might just make you happier too. Book a meeting room, order some sandwiches and brainstorm for some good ideas.

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