How to target Property Owners

You've told us that you sometimes need help with your property owners marketing, so we've created a new template, available on Broker Mentor that you can use to target potential new property owner clients.
The newest of our Broker Create templates gives you access to a marketing template that you can personalise and send to your prospective property owner clients.

Plus, we've added a brand new feature that allows you to tailor one of the paragraphs to highlight the additional benefits that will be available as a result of the Aviva Premier treatment.  So, if you’re sending the template to a prospect that qualifies for Aviva Premier, simply select the 'mid-market sized business' option from the drop down menu.

This new marketing template is designed to save you time and money and should put you in a really strong position to start to reach out to new clients in this sector.
Aviva Premier
Aviva Premier is specifically designed for commercial mid-market businesses, offering bespoke cover through a combination of enhanced wordings, risk management and claims.
For more information about how Aviva Premier can help you offer your clients that little bit extra, just visit
Aviva Broker.
And don't forget, you can log on to our free online marketing resource any time you need it, giving you instant access to even more guidance on how to reach new customers and generate new enquiries.

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