A look back since the launch of our Cyber cover

It’s no secret that cyber crime has become an unprecedented threat in 2018. As our industry becomes increasingly reliant on evolving technologies, the peril of cyber attackers only grows.

A new cyber offering 

We launched our cyber offering in May this year, designed to meet the needs of our SME customers with a turnover of up to £30 million. The package offers three distinct benefits: a cyber health check, simple cyber insurance with external crime cover as standard and a 24/7 incident response service to minimise the disruption to a business if they suffer a cyber loss. The products have been developed specifically with SMEs in mind, enabling businesses to obtain cover quickly and simply, without the need for lengthy proposal forms.

A look back on the Hack Day with Insurance Age

In April, the Insurance Age hosted a cyber Hack day with us. We know that for our brokers to be cyber safe in this industry, understanding the threats they face is the first step to implementing preventative measures. 

Our very own Gareth Hemming, Director of SME, commercial insurance, offered his views and expertise on how our brokers can protect themselves from key types of hacks they face, such as phishing, ransomware, impersonation and spyware.

Did you see any of our live debates? It’s not too late to catch up to learn more about what our industry experts had to say on what cyber attacks look like and tips on how to sell cyber cover:

What happened when one of our brokers was the victim of an attack

Since the launch of our cyber offering in May, we’ve provided expert advice and supported our brokers and their clients who have suffered a cyber related attack with our 24/7 claims service.

A victim of a phishing attack

One of our own brokers, was a victim of a cyber attack themselves. Luckily, they had an Aviva Cyber policy in place to cover them against such attacks. Due to issues with Microsoft 365, an employee was ‘tricked' into providing login-in credentials by opening an email attachment that appeared to be legitimate but was in fact a phishing email.

How did their policy respond to the attack?

Our incident response service co-ordinated the end to end management of the event, bringing in the right expertise to investigate the cause of the incident, identify whether any personal data had been breached and provide advice on how to prevent it reoccurring.


What’s on the horizon for 2019?
Fines and Penalties

We’re always looking to enhance our product offering - we’ve listened to your feedback and we’re acting on it. Next year, our cyber product will include cover for Fines and Penalties where insurable by law. Keep an eye out for more information.

How we’ve helped you to untangle the complexities of this threat

We’ve also focused our attention on helping you to improve your understanding of what cyber crime is, how to implement measures to protect against an attack occurring and what to do if the worst happens.

As we look forward to 2019, we're always looking to improve our cyber learning offering to be on our brokers side in the fight against this peril.

Did you know, our renowned Aviva Learning and Development site offers a range of cyber essential skills such as:

  • Introducing Cyber Risks
  • Cyber Risk Exposure
  • Extortion
  • Cyber Risks – What is BYOD?
  • Aviva’s Approach to Cyber Crime

Visit the Aviva Development Zone to find out more and to register.

To learn more about our Cyber offering, please speak to your usual underwriter.

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