The year of the niche

It might have been the Year of Dog according to Chinese Astrology, but here at Aviva it’s been the year of the niche. Our schemes experts were busy looking to make expert brokers’ niche know-how work harder for them, while the breadth of niche schemes on Marketplace continued to grow.

Did you notice the stained-glass window that kept taking over Aviva Broker and our social media accounts?

Schemes got a whole new look, and a brand-new brochure this year as part of a wider campaign leading up to the Insurance Age Broker Expo in November, of which Aviva were Schemes Zone sponsors.

The Expo took place at the Ricoh Arena and it was brilliant to see so many brokers take the time out of their schedule to attend one of our presentations or head over to the stand to talk to one of our schemes experts that were there on the day.

Our schemes experts were also ever-present online as they promoted Aviva’s appetite for specialist niche schemes with expert broker partners. Did you catch any of their appearances on Insurance Age?

New partners on Marketplace

Marketplace is the home of the truly niche and provides a trusted environment to find solutions for hard to place risks. In 2018, we further enhanced the breadth of the offering by partnering with experts in the field, bringing brokers a wider range of choice for specialist products underwritten by Aviva.

In April, we launched our new charity product with partners BHIB Wholesale, providing access to a flexible, modular product, allowing brokers to offer a tailored product to meet the needs of their charity and not-for-profit clients.

More recently in November, we were delighted to announce that we partnered with expert telematics broker, Measured Miles, to bring specialist, innovative, flexible motor insurance for first-time and young drivers to Marketplace, the home of hard-to-place risks.

The launch of Measured Miles' expert scheme to Marketplace means that, for the first time, Aviva are providing brokers with access to telematics motor insurance. Through their expertise in end-to-end product design, Measured Miles provide telematics smart boxes that record, track and analyse driving data to provide unique risk-adjusted pricing models.

Stay tuned for some exciting new Marketplace partner announcements in the New Year…

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