A quick response through Live Chat

Did you know you can now chat online with one of our Fast Trade or Distinct underwriters as well as our Aviva Broker online support team for technical or navigation queries?

Live chat can be found on Aviva Broker and gives you access to our experts, who can help you with your Fast Trade, Distinct, navigational or technical queries. It all happens in real time, so there’s no waiting around and they can give you a quick response.

“We are regular users of the live chat facility which has been excellent to ensure audit trail of conversations”. Adam Grand, Account Executive, Jelf.

Our Live chat service is a quick and easy way of resolving your queries and you even get an email transcript of the conversation for your records. We’re really proud of our Live Chat staff as they are the right people to be there for you when you need them – they are the experts in their field. Live Chat is such a hassle free way to get in touch with us.

Don’t forget, we’ve recently updated our Live Chat engagement window and following these changes, you may no longer receive a flashing notification on your desktop once we’ve responded to your message. Just keep an eye out for our response by checking our Live Chat window.

What do you think about our Live Chat facility? We’d be really interested to hear what you think – just email us at theloop@aviva.co.uk

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