Had a motor claim? Don’t delay, tell us straight away

How can we best look after your personal and commercial motor customers when it comes to a claim? The first step is to let us know about the claim as soon as possible. That way we can quickly support your customer and get them back on the road as soon as possible.

It’s always better to make a claim early, when it’s fresh in your customers’ mind. There’s more chance of getting photos, CCTV footage and accurate witness statements too.

But even if your customer doesn’t plan to make a claim ― or if there was no damage ― let us know. That way we can get your side of the story if someone else makes a false claim.

When you are speaking to your customers, please talk to them about telling us straight away when they’ve had a motor accident.

If you have any questions about this, please contact your Aviva sales manager or get in touch with one our claims relationship managers: 

Victoria Keating


07966 610 014

Lilian Baxter


07966 610 248

Andrew O’Malley


07800 691 930

Vanessa Millar


07384 804 563

Kim Owen


07800 690 288

Liz Johnston


07800 690 405

Dave Saunders


07800 691 665


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