Improvements to Church and Faith cover on Marketplace

Church and Faith cover, provided by aQmen Underwriting, is a specialist policy designed for faith-based organisations, places of worship and associated organisations of all denominations. The product is tailored to these organisations’ specific needs and it the cover has just been enhanced…



aQmen Underwriting first launched its specialist faith insurance in partnership with Aviva in 2015. It was specifically designed by aQmen’s experienced underwriters to suit the needs of places of worship and associated organisations.

The policy

This combined policy, distributed as CaSE Faith Insurance, is available as a package with set limits or a bespoke policy with flexible limits providing a range of specialist commercial cover.

Working alongside aQmen Underwriting’s specialist underwriters, brokers can choose the right package of covers to suit their clients’ needs. If those needs change, the policy can be adapted within certain limits.

The updates

The cover has been updated with a number of enhancements and now includes an option for Cyber Loss Recovery for data crisis response, incident management, investigations and restoration. Further improvements include the addition of cover for Contract Works and increases in limits for various automatic extensions such as for property at events and money held at home. Other updates also reflect changes in regulation, such as GDPR.

Working with aQmen Underwriting

aQmen Underwriting’s approach is simple; they use sector knowledge and underwriting expertise to offer specialist and competitive insurance solutions. They have been serving niche sectors for over 12 years, with a focus on providing brokers with cost-effective and suitable insurance for their clients, to help win and retain business. They provide open access to experienced underwriters who understand the markets and the risks faced by clients.

Find out more

To find out more about aQmen Underwriting’s Church and Faith cover, head to Marketplace.

Marketplace is the home of the niche. The online platform is designed to give you a reliable and trusted route to market for your hard-to-place risks. All products on Marketplace are underwritten by Aviva and managed by brokers who are experts in their fields.  You can be rest assured that clients will remain your own, and the cover provided will be first-class.


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