Do you know who you want to sell your business to?

There are so many different potential exit routes available when looking at your succession options.  Selling to a like-minded broker, who fully understands and shares your values and who will ensure your customers and staff are well looked after is crucial.




Aviva can introduce you to a number of independent brokers across the UK who we are happy to recommend as Succession Partners.  They come in different shapes and sizes, but each of these brokers share the critical characteristics you’d expect such as strong ethics, fully compliant, financially sound and professional but friendly. 

In the last 12 months we have put a number of brokers in touch with our Succession Partners and we would be happy to talk to you in absolute confidence, about how a Succession Partner could offer you the best route for your succession plans.

Aviva can be involved as little or as much as you want. In many cases this is simply a case of making an introduction to one or a number of parties, however, there are times where parties have sought additional support to assist with a successful outcome.  Additional support could come in the format of independent consultancy, valuations, and on-going transaction support.

To learn more about how Aviva can support you with succession, please contact your Aviva sales manager or our in-house expert for a confidential discussion:


Dave Smith



If you'd like to get to know Dave a little first before getting in touch, just watch his profile video.

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