The full speciality line up

We previously announced the launch of our dedicated Speciality lines business development team who provide support in promoting and developing our speciality classes across the country.

We’re delighted to have now appointed speciality lines business development managers in the South West & Wales and Scotland & Northern Ireland giving us coverage in all regions.

Meet the team:

North East: Jo McHugh, Tel: 07800 693533

North West: Mark Tomlinson, Tel: 07800 691590

Midlands: Graham Chambers, Tel: 07968 933079

London & South East: Andy Rolfe, Tel: 07800 691220 & John Hull, Tel: 07800 691262

South West & Wales: Peter Marshall, Tel: 07800 690721 

Scotland & Northern Ireland:Campbell Paterson, Tel: 07800 692808

The team are here to provide expertise and assistance when placing speciality lines business, covering:

  • Group Personal Accident, Sickness and Business Travel
  • Surety - Bonds and Guarantees
  • Legal Indemnities
  • Marine
  • Construction, Power & Engineering (including Latent Defects and Engineering Inspections)
  • Commercial Crime
  • Management Liability (including Directors & Officers)
  • Professional Indemnity (Corporate business only & Excess of Loss in excess of £5m)

The team are working hand in hand with our regional business development managers and underwriters to showcase our specialist lines products and providing support for these complex covers, where you need it.

Feel free to discuss with your business development manager or call one of the team above to understand how they can work with you and develop these niche classes of business, alternatively to find out more about our speciality lines products you can visit Aviva Broker.

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