Meet our fraud expert, Anne Green

Fraud is an important issue within our industry and we’re committed to continue investing in our fraud detection capabilities. We’d like to introduce you to Anne Green, our head of fraud, to find out more about what Aviva is doing to tackle fraud.

“I’m Anne Green and I lead the team here at Aviva who are responsible for managing and preventing application and underwriting fraud. I work with a wide range of people in the industry from brokers like you to our staff and other insurers on fraud issues, emerging trends and reporting. I’m also keen to ensure we have well educated staff when it comes to looking at underwriting fraud. Ultimately my role is all about identifying and implementing fraud solutions and controls to prevent application fraud.

There’s no typical day in fraud, every day is different – there’s always a new type of fraud on the horizon. Currently, the most topical fraud issue externally is Ghost Broking. The ghost brokers often operate through websites or small ads offering cheap insurance and in some cases they issue completely fictitious policies. It’s really important that we understand that often at the end of a ghost broker scam is a genuine policyholder that doesn’t know they’ve been involved in this type of fraud and that their insurance policy is compromised. It's really important to share the dangers of Ghost Broking with our clients so they don’t fall victim to the lure of a too good to be true cheap premium.

The evolution of fraud never stops and I enjoy investigating the strategy of the organised criminal. They find a new way of committing fraud, we identify the activity, prosecute and put the right controls in place and fraud evolves and moves on.  That’s why we’ll always continue to work with brokers like you to identify new and emerging fraud trends.

We’ll always be looking to the future and developing ways to identify and tackle fraud.”

Here at Aviva, we’ll continue to protect both you and us against fraud. We’ll act on the intelligence you supply to us as well as our own data. We even have a dedicated broker fraud referral team who you can get in touch with if you have any concerns. Just email them at

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