Aviva publishes first UK claims report

Aviva’s first UK claims report sets out the reality of just how many claims we paid out last year, across motor, home, travel, protection, health and commercial business insurance.

When it comes to supporting our customers, we’ve got it covered. Last year, we approved nearly one million claims in the UK, across motor, travel, home, protection, health and business insurance. 


It pays to be insured

We paid out on 96% of all claims in 2017. That’s more than £3.6 billion in settlements – a staggering £7,000 every minute. Every year, we replace enough carpet to cover 11 football pitches and repair around 120,000 vehicles, which if placed bumper to bumper would almost fill every lane on the M25.

Despite these facts, many people in the UK still believe that insurers don’t pay out when it’s needed. This common misconception is leaving many families and businesses vulnerable through a lack of suitable insurance.  

Andy Briggs, CEO of Aviva UK Insurance, says, “The reality is that it does pay to have insurance, so we’re calling on the industry to join us in comprehensively publishing information about how insurers manage customer claims, why some claims are declined and how our customers can do more to understand whether the cover they have is what they need.

“When it comes to making a claim, we want our customers to feel really clear about what they’re covered for, so we’re looking at ways to help them understand their cover in a simple and unequivocal way. This is something that we believe the whole industry needs to commit to on behalf of customers.” 

 Understanding your policy

Our report also explains the most common reasons behind the 4% of claims we couldn’t pay out on. We hope that by understanding why some claims are declined, our customers can avoid any potential stumbling blocks when they come to make a claim.

The most common reasons for an unsuccessful claim are:
  • Lack of additional cover – e.g. if a customer didn’t choose additional cover on a home insurance policy for events such as accidental damage, or damage to belongings outside of the home.
  • Claiming for something not covered by the policy – e.g. the effects of wear and tear or damp and dry rot are not covered by a standard home insurance policy.
  • A pre-existing health condition – some customers claim for a condition that existed before their policy’s start date, which is generally not covered in a new policy.
  • The policy definition for a claim is not met – e.g. some critical illness claims were declined because the condition the customer was claiming for was not covered by their policy.
Read the full report

Our UK Claims Report shares the stories of all those we’ve helped, as well as our latest facts and figures.

Read the full report today.

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