Are you thinking about taking a step back from your business?

We want to support you in every stage of your businesses journey and this includes when you’re thinking of taking a step back. But how do you know when the time is right or that you’re looking at the very best options for you, your staff and clients?

Our Succession Support Tool can point you in the right direction, highlighting the resources, planning support and next steps that are available to you. It just takes a few minutes to complete and it will give you a personalised infographic. It’s totally confidential and will help you understand the key steps in your succession planning process. This will assist in readying your business for sale, when the time is right.

There are probably more choices open to you than you think.

To learn more about how Aviva can support you with succession, please contact your Aviva sales manager or our in-house expert for a confidential discussion: 

Dave Smith

  • 07720548775

Or visit Aviva Broker today.


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