Put out the risk of arson

Arson continues to be a significant risk to businesses in the UK and is one of the leading causes of fires within commercial premises, accounting for nearly half of all fires attended by the Fire & Rescue Services Are you doing everything you can to prevent arson attacks on your business? 

Insurance claims, because of, arson tend to be considerably more expensive than non-arson claims, usually because of most of these incidents occurring during the night time and / or when the premises are closed. They can develop quickly, involve accelerants such as petrol and have multiple seats of ignition. 

Any fire has the potential to spread throughout a site, endangering equipment and stock as well as causing disruption to the business. Even fires started in remote outlying areas can affect working operations, such as cutting-off roadways. Although all properties are exposed to the risks posed by arson, statistics indicate that some are more vulnerable than others, such as schools, animal research establishments, places of worship and vacant buildings. Robust premises security measures supported by good levels of housekeeping and management will reduce the opportunity for arsonists.

Have a look at our loss prevention standard for more guidance on arson.

If you’d like more information or assistance, please have a look at our risk management brochure, visit Aviva Risk Management Solutions or contact us at riskadvice@aviva.co.uk


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