Cyber criminals are smart, our cyber cover is smarter

Businesses may not realise that something as simple as sending and receiving emails or speaking on the phone puts them at risk of a cyber breach. 46% of SMEs have been affected by a cyber breach in the last year* – yet only 13.7% have cyber insurance to protect their businesses**.

As the accelerated pace of technological development and adoption is changing how we all do business, so too does the cyber threat. We’ve redesigned our Cyber Cover to stay one step ahead with the most comprehensive single package of insurance and the expert support our customers want.

Cyber threats

  • Hackers and cyber criminals – looking to cause damage or disruption to businesses
  • Suppliers – including data centres or outside providers that may have inadequate security
  • Employee error – whether losing laptops or becoming victims of attacks
  • Malicious employees – stealing data for a competitive advantage or selling it to criminals.

Our new approach to Cyber Cover

  • Helping businesses assess where they’re vulnerable and understand their level of risk. We’ve partnered with Californian company CYENCE, who are experts in identifying cyber risk, to create our Health Check. It’s available at quote stage and helps businesses to asses where they are vulnerable and understand their level of risk.
  • The most comprehensive single package of cover available. Our Cyber Cover is now the most extensive single package of cover out there; with core wording that includes Extortion and Cyber Crime. Plus, it comes at a competitive price.
  • Rapid breach response with expert support. Speed is of the essence when there’s a cyber breach. Our rapid response team is available 24/, providing access to all the specialist support an SME needs.

Get a quote today

Contact your usual commercial underwriter or Aviva sales manager to help protect your customers against the ever-present threat of cyber crime.

Please note, clients must have Property based, Computer or liability covers with us.

*Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2017

**GlobalData Report UK Cyber Insurance 2017.


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