Help ensure your customers’ cover doesn’t fall short

At Aviva, we know that running a small business can be challenging. Being confident they have the right level of cover, and more certainty around how that cover will respond in the event of a claim, gives your small business customers one less thing to worry about. 



We’ve made significant changes to our small business commercial products to ensure that we provide an extra layer of protection;

  • We’ve removed average for buildings and contents cover on our package policies. So, if a nearby river floods and it costs more than your customer is covered for, we’ll still pay up to the overall sum insured, without making any reduction for underinsurance.
  • We provide an automatic 20% top up to buildings and contents sums insured and where the contents sums insured is still less than £25,000 after the top up we’ll give a minimum of £25,000 worth of cover. Meaning that if your customer suffers a loss and had underestimated the value of their contents, they can claim for more, without any hassle or worry.
  • We combine the sums insured for contents to make things simple, so we now add together the individual sums insured for contents, stock, target stock and tenants improvements to create one overall sum insured. In the event of a claim for one or any combination we will pay up to the combined sum insured and not just up to the sum insured for the individual items.
  • We provide increased cover limits including business interruption and public and products liability cover. So your customer can be confident that they have a level of cover that meets their business’s needs.

To get a quote, simply log-in to Fast Trade via the Aviva Broker website or for further information on our small business offering, please contact your usual underwriting contact or your Aviva sales manager.

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