Our Commercial Application Fraud Team

Article Publish Date: Tuesday 6 February 2018

With over 100 years of experience, the nine experts in our commercial application fraud team work to prevent, detect and respond to fraud across the product lifecycle. Let’s find out a little more about them.


Based in Norwich, the commercial application fraud team review policies to look for existing and known fraudulent matches – we need to make sure we’re only writing business for genuine customers. In addition to this, they screen Fast Trade Minifleet quotes in real time. We’re doing our utmost to make sure fraudsters won’t get past the front door.

They work closely with our claims department, who refer cases where there looks to be something untoward with the policy, so that we can be sure that we’re not paying out on claims where the customer is not genuine or risk is not as presented

They also liaise with the Aviva Underwriters who refer in quotes or policies where they have concerns or suspicions.

All of this means we can actively disrupt criminal activity. They work closely with the Police, responding to data requests and liaising with road traffic officers as a result of roadside stops.

It’s so important to us that we protect you and customers. The commercial fraud team’s work means that if they find fraud or criminal activity they can let you know and appropriate action can be taken.

If you have any concerns about fraud related activity and the impacts it may have on your business please contact our Fraud Team at consumerfraud_ib@aviva.co.uk. Our team will be keen to help you in any way they can. If you have ideas about tackling fraud in our industry, please just email theloop@aviva.co.uk.

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