The results are in. So how did we do?

Article Publish Date: Tuesday 6 February 2018

At the back end of 2017, we conducted the second wave of our bi-annual broker service and sentiment research through an independent research agency. They questioned participating brokers on a range of factors over the phone so thanks to those of you that gave your time to share your experience of what it’s like to work with us. Here’s how we’re looking.

The outcomes of the survey, carried out anonymously, are important to us because they give us a temperature check on what’s going well and where we need to improve. We want to share some of the key messages with you to keep you up to date.

When the results came through, we were pleased to see a recovery in the numbers that had taken a dip earlier in the year. This was reassuring because hopefully it means that the messages we’ve been cascading to our teams, along with changes we’ve been making based on your feedback are getting through to you when it comes to day-to-day trading. The factors you said were especially important and that we were performing well against were treating you as an individual, the quality of your sales manager support and demonstrating our long-term commitment to the broker market.

While you gave us some honest reflections on where we need to improve, we were delighted to see that you voted us as your top insurer for ‘overall best service’ ahead of our competitors for both commercial and personal lines. Thank you for this vote of confidence – it means a lot to us and spurs us on to want to be better still.

Comparing our performance to earlier the year, we’d been disappointed to see a handful of the metrics slip back which makes this latest wave of results all the more encouraging. So what feedback have we been responding to?  

Firstly, consistency of appetite was a hot topic earlier in the year and appeared to have a broader impact on how you felt about Aviva more generally.  While it was sensible for us to have taken action on poor performing cases, we also took the time to make it clearer to our underwriters that we should be considering the bigger picture with you and your clients by taking more of a portfolio approach where it's justified.

You also want us to work closely with you to help you win certain cases. With this in mind, we reviewed Aviva Premier and revitalised it to create a proposition that goes above and beyond the insurance relationship like never before. Our trading and sales teams around the UK held workshops across our regions to tell you more about the enhancements. If you didn’t get to one, speak to your sales manager to find out more about the things we can do to help you increase your win rate.

For personal lines, we've been busy looking at ways to upgrade our infrastructure with software houses and improve our price points. We’re looking forward to revealing those improvements in the next couple of months. We’ve also been showing more flexibility around scheme and consolidation opportunities so we hope this has been evident to you and your teams. If not, talk to us.

As always, there are still things we need to work on. We’re seeing you say things like, “Be clearer on who to contact if there’s a problem” and “We want more access to decision makers over the phone”, along with comments around appetite and flexibility such as “Don’t throw a risk out if it doesn’t fit in your box.” Please make sure you’re having those conversations with us throughout the year because where there are service or trading issues, we want to get onto them quickly.

Challenges aside, we’re proud to be your number one insurer partner. We’ll keep working hard to be deserving of that so keep the feedback coming, whether that’s directly via your sales or trading contacts or anonymously via our research. It all helps and we take what you have to say very seriously.

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