Less referrals, saving you time

Referrals are part and parcel of placing commercial insurance, but can also cause frustration and delays. We’re working to reduce the number of referrals through Fast Trade and one of our most common reasons for referral across our Package products is due to Flood.


We have therefore changed the way these are handled and where the postcode sits within a ‘high-risk’ flood area the flood cover will be automatically excluded.

Previously properties located in high flood risk areas would automatically refer, for that reason. So by excluding flood cover in those areas you will be much more likely to get an instant quote or decline from Fast Trade, saving you and your client time.

Where we do this it will be clear that flood cover has not been included in the quote, and you will still have the opportunity to refer individual cases into our underwriting team to reconsider the terms offered, should you wish to do so.

If you have any questions regarding this change please contact our Digital Trading team.

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