A look back at November 2017

Article publish date: Friday 8 December 2017


Our award-winning risk management solutions.


This November, our Aviva Risk Management Solutions (ARMS) won the “Risk Management Specialist Company of the year” at the CIR Risk Management Awards. This pays testament to our team of over 100 expert’s hard work in protecting people’s worlds across the UK.


Our risk management team helps you to look at risks that arise in your client’s place of work and to put in place sensible measures to control them. Whether their business is large or small, effective risk management today means fewer surprises and unexpected consequences in the future.


To support you and your clients, we have a suite of risk management bulletins available;


Our risk management bulletins are also available on Broker Create which can be found on Broker Mentor where you can add your own branding, contact details and registered company information before sending to your clients.


We also issued a series of risk management articles this year in The Loop


If you’d like more information or assistance, please have a look at our risk management brochure, visit Aviva Risk Management Solutions or contact us at riskadvice@aviva.co.uk

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