A look back at October 2017

Article publish date: Friday 8 December 2017


We haven’t just refreshed Aviva Premier, we’ve revitalised it.


This year, we launched a range of enhancements to our Aviva Premier proposition for your mid-market clients. We introduced a range of cover and added value benefits that go beyond standard insurance cover to prevent bad things happening, protect what matters most, and fix things fast when they do go wrong.

We’re taking care of business by doing all we can to tackle underinsurance for our commercial customers and the changes we made to Aviva Premier have this at the core. Aviva Premier is designed for large complex business customers who typically turnover £15m+ and demand more than just insurance cover. It’s about working collaboratively for the long term and making sensible choices to protect their business.


What enhancements have we made?


Dual remedy

We’ve introduced a more flexible approach to claims where material information has either been misrepresented or not disclosed and a higher premium would have been charged. Provided the incorrect or missing information was not provided or withheld in a deliberate, reckless or fraudulent manner we will provide the customer with a choice to either pay the additional premium we would have required and receive a full claim payment or have their claim proportionately reduced as per the Insurance Act, whichever is more beneficial to the customer.


Automatic uplift in property sum insured

Aviva Premier customers now have additional peace of mind as we provide an extra layer of protection over and above the property sums insured you think you need. Buildings and contents will now have an automatic 20% uplift (up to a maximum of £500,000 extra cover on each).


Automatic waiver of Average

Aviva Premier customers who undertake regular valuations will automatically benefit from a waiver of the condition of average, providing further protection from underinsurance, particularly for partial losses. This means that where a customer needs to make a claim and their sum insured including the automatic uplifts mentioned above turn out not to be adequate we will deal with their claim without applying any proportionate reduction for the condition of average.


Business resilience coach tool

An innovative offering to help customers protect their business. By testing and understanding their readiness to respond in the event of an incident, your clients can improve their resilience and avoid trading disruptions. 


Business Interruption calculator

A unique tailored solution from Aviva to help customers avoid underinsurance that uses a simple online calculator to help customers set the right sum insured and indemnity period. 



Aviva Premier is all about understanding the needs of you and your client and selecting and applying the most appropriate combination of enhanced wordings, enhanced risk management, enhanced claims and trading tools to provide a tailored, bespoke insurance solution for you and your clients.


Find out more about how your clients could benefit from bespoke mid-market cover by speaking to your Aviva sales manager today.

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