A look back at July 2017

Article publish date: Friday 8 December 2017


How do we make a difference every day?


When it comes to insurance, the real proof point is when your customer makes a claim. At Aviva, getting customers back to normal quickly often involves claims handlers having to think and act fast, but they’re also trained to listen and understand what really matters to people most. Here are some of our recent claims stories.



Story One

When a couple returned home from holiday they saw their Mercedes SL 350 Convertible was missing from the driveway and their house had been broken into. It had been ransacked and various personal possessions were missing, including both sets of car keys. The vehicle was fitted with a GPS Tracking unit, but with no active subscription - the customer wasn’t even aware the vehicle had GPS tracking.  Our quick-thinking handler contacted the tracking company immediately and arranged for them to reactivate the tracker straight away and the whereabouts of the vehicle was sent to the Police immediately. Within 10 minutes, the Police had recovered the vehicle. We then arranged for Mercedes to inspect the vehicle for any structural damage and to provide replacement keys. We were thrilled to give our customer back their vehicle.


Story Two

Our customer called us to say that there had been a fire in her children's bedroom. The fire brigade had got there quickly, but the damage to her children's room was devastating. Especially for their youngest son, who thought he had lost all his toys in the fire, including his favourite Batman ones. We assessed the fire damage within 24 hours of the customer’s call. The family were understandably very distressed, but particularly their youngest boy. We were determined to save what we could.  In full respiratory gear, armed with bags and zip ties, we took anything we could save and we began restoring 33 bags of toys, clothing and, of course, everything Batman! In total, we managed to restore 298 of the 312 items we recovered, including the little boy’s precious Teddy that he couldn’t do without and his precious Batman toys – which arrived by special delivery with a driver dressed up as Batman. The little boy was over the moon.


Story Three

One of our customers relied on his mobility scooter to get around. He discovered that his scooter had been stolen overnight. The scooter – which was specified on his policy and had central locking on it - was stolen from a purpose-built shed in his front garden. Very upset, the customer explained to us how baffled he was by the theft, which he’d already reported to the Police and to ‘Independent Living’, where he’d bought it from. Without the mobility scooter, he was going to be housebound. What was hurting him most was he wasn’t going to be able to visit the cemetery to see his wife’s grave on the first anniversary of her death in a couple of days time. The handler understood that going through the normal claims process, the customer would not get a new replacement in time to visit the grave and would be very distressed.  So she arranged to hire one for him immediately, so he could get to the cemetery on the anniversary and would not be housebound while he waited for his mobility scooter to be delivered.


These are just three examples of how our handlers care for customers every day.


Want to find out more?

To find out more about our claims proposition, visit our claims pages on Aviva Broker where we have a whole host of information such as the most up to date claims contact numbers and guidance on our claims service. Alternatively, you can contact your Aviva sales manager or one of our claims relationship managers;


Claims Relationship Managers:

  • Andy O’Malley: 07800 691930 - South East, London, South West and Wales
  • Victoria Keating: 07966 610 014 - North East, North West, Midlands and Scotland
  • Lillian Baxter: 07966 610248 -  Personal Lines and Northern Ireland


Corporate and Speciality Risk claims questions:

  • Chris Hughes, head of corporate claims: 07800 691733

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