A look back at May 2017

Article publish date: Friday 8 December 2017


BIBA 2017.


In May, we unveiled a brand new BIBA stand design centred on the theme of Bright Ideas. Our aim was simple; create a sociable space that could accommodate as many brokers as possible, enabling you to grab a decent coffee and benefit from business conversations with people from across the Aviva team.


We also opened up the meeting space on the stand to allow for more conversations to take place on a ‘drop-in’ basis, especially with our executive team. The whole event was well-received and we got some really positive feedback.


For the first time ever, we ran presentation sessions on our stand on Day two with Ethical Hackers from the Scottish Business Resilience Centre. A number of you came along to hear the session that was as shocking as it was useful. They highlighted just how easy it can be to find information about individuals using online sources such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn in order to use it for malicious purposes.


The key takeaways we’d remind you of here would be:

  1. Use passphrases instead of passwords that make it harder for hackers to guess and gain access to sensitive information.
  2. Want to know if your work or personal email address has ever been exposed to a data breach?  Simply check for free using this website: https://haveibeenpwned.com/If you find your personal data has been breached, change your password(s) immediately.
  3. Remember that it’s not about having 100% watertight security. It’s about not being amongst the ‘low hanging fruit’ and doing what you can to make a hacker’s life difficult.

We look forward to unveiling our agenda for BIBA 2018 in the coming months and hope that you can join us for another great conference.

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