Is Schemes a risky business?

The Insurance Age Schemes Masterclass for 2014 was held last month at The Bristol Hotel, Bristol offering delegates the chance to network with other brokers and insurers to discuss the Schemes market and provide insight into the opportunities available.


The event was headed ‘The Schemes Playbook: complement and enhance your portfolio’ and took an alternative look at the approach to Schemes, comparing it to the strategy and planning required by successful sports teams – Roy Hodgson take note!


Chris Hill, Aviva Head of Commercial Schemes (as featured in last month’s Loop), along with Richard Hersant and Ian Varney took delegates through the complicated topic of Risk and Compliance with relation to Schemes in the aptly named workshop ‘Is Schemes a risky business?.. Not if we can help it’. The session took delegates through the main things to consider when contemplating a new Scheme or moving Schemes and highlighted the potential rewards available to Schemes brokers when the risks are well managed.


The event was a great success with brokers who attended taking away some valuable insight into the Schemes market.


Chris commented;


“It was great to see so many brokers at the Schemes workshop. It’s been clear that Schemes business is high on the agenda for many brokers with some interesting future business in the pipeline. When coming into the role as Head of Commercial Schemes one of my aims was to get out of the office and speak to brokers about their plans, and this has certainly been a great start to that.


We look forward to continuing the discussions we’ve had here and helping support the Schemes ambitions of some of the brokers we’ve spoken to, going forward.”


For insight into how we can support your Schemes ambitions talk to your Business Development Manager or visit Aviva Broker.

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