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Article publish date: Wednesday 8 November 2017

Reviews, comments and ratings have a huge bearing consumer behaviour; we work with RiskEye to ensure our Aviva Premier customers are portrayed online in the best possible light.

Our enhanced Aviva Premier proposition is centred on the needs of our mid-market commercial customers. We regard it as our duty to ‘take care of business’ and that includes helping our customers to protect their livelihood from all risks whether that be by providing insurance cover for the property, liability and vehicles that keep businesses operating, or by providing help, advice and guidance to protect less tangible ‘uninsurable assets’ such as brand and reputation.

Businesses invest a lot of money in getting their marketing messages right and how they describe their business and the service they offer, but often don’t even consider the impact of what other people can say about them online. A customer whose order was unavoidably delayed, a supplier who felt they were left on hold for too long or even a disgruntled employee could all take to social media or online review sites to post negative comments for all to see. Even competitors looking to discredit a business or completely random unprovoked attacks could have a devastating affect on how people perceive a company.

It’s easier than ever for consumers to research the companies they purchase from before they do business. Information, price comparisons and reviews are all readily available at the touch of a button. The same goes for suppliers, partners or investors. The first thing a potential investor will do is search for a business and the information they find could be the difference between striking a deal or not.

We work with RiskEye; specialists in online reputation services, to support customers in detecting, identifying, assessing and mitigating the risk of undesirable content online. They use a combination of expert risk analysis and the latest technology to protect businesses from potential threats to their online reputation. They provide a service that ensures any online content that could have a negative impact on their business can be detected and dealt with as quickly and efficiently as possible.


“Our contact at Aviva introduced us to the team at RiskEye and they’ve really helped us manage the way our hotel is perceived online. Everybody knows the power of customer reviews and comments, especially in the hospitality industry, but until RiskEye came in we didn’t really understand the scale of the impact it could have or how to manage it properly.  With their help, we’re now ensuring that the view that people have of our hotel online, is as polished and pristine as the view they get when they arrive at our door.”

Sara Gibbs

The Swan Hotel & Spa, Newby Bridge, Cumbria


With reputational risk being one of the fastest growing threats to businesses, it’s important that both you and your clients are aware of the impact it could have, and why it’s a valued component of our Aviva Premier proposition.

Our dedicated team of Risk Managers operate as integral components in our Aviva Premier customers’ businesses, providing guidance and support in best managing the risks that are bespoke to their operating model. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience of working with mid-market businesses across a range of industry sectors and utilise the appropriate products and services offered by our range of third-party preferred suppliers, such as RiskEye, to ensure the risks faced by your clients are minimised.


For more information on our Aviva Premier proposition, please contact your usual Aviva sales manager or visit

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