There’s never been a better time to trade on Fast Trade

We’ve made some big changes to our online trading platform, making it easier to trade faster on Fast Trade. There’s reduced pricing, a refreshed Self Employed product and new cross sell and prospecting tools. It’s all there to help you win SME business.



Cross selling and prospecting tools

It’s never been easier to cross sell or prospect on Fast Trade. We’ll pre populate the client information which you’ve previously entered on Fast Trade, meaning you’ll only have to input information once to obtain multiple quotes for your clients. It’s all there for you at the click of a button. Watch our cross sell and prospecting video today!


You’ve told us that the recent pricing changes we’ve made to Fast Trade are being well received. We’ve changed the pricing on our Minifleet, Self Employed, Manufacturing & Wholesale and Commercial Property Owners products.  You’ll see we’ve reduced our pricing by up to 25%*

Self Employed


There’s been lots of great changes to our Self Employed product. There’s more writable trades than ever before plus if your client has more than one type of trade activity, you’ll now be able to write up to four trades on Fast Trade. We can now accept clients with business premises (building & contents not insurable under SEP). We can also write height limits up to 15m and depth limits up to 3m. 



In addition to this, we’ve also increased our contract works limits and introduced £250,000 and £500,000 limits. For new business we can now write up to 10 employees and construction trades can also have 10 bona-fides sub-contractors on top of this. Finally, you’ve told us that you need to be able to trade faster on Fast Trade, so we’ve also changed the how you enter the information for our Self Employed product – making it easier and quicker to get a quote.


Get a quote on Fast Trade today!


* some trades will see the pricing reduced by less than 25%, you can find more about the pricing from your Aviva business development manager.

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