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Article Publish Date: Wednesday 4 October 2017


With nights getting darker and the onset of autumn, how can your high net worth clients protect their world? What security can they put in place to prevent opportunistic thieves or at least slow them down?

We fully understand that ‘contents’ are far more than just things that fill up your clients’ homes. Whether they’re everyday necessities or little luxuries, they can mean the world to your clients – from the laptop that aids a child’s education to a piece of jewellery that a family member has treasured for years. Good security is really important, especially for your Aviva Private Clients. From physical security to alarms, any deterrents they put in place will help to protect their world.


There are other things they can also do from outdoor lighting to internal and external cameras. They can even look at a forensic marking system, microdots or microchips for those extra special items.


If your Aviva Private Clients are leaving the home for just a few hours or going away on a well-deserved holiday, taking sensible measures to make sure their home is safe and minimise risks is so very important.


So, we’ve created our Aviva Private Clients Risk Management Bulletin which includes more information on the importance of risk management and practical advice. You can share this with your Aviva Private Clients to help them put the right preventative measures in place.


Set the highest standard of protection


Give your clients the assurance that their vehicles are protected with the same care and precision with which they chose them. See what Aviva Private Clients can offer your clients today and discover more of the good thinking behind our high net worth offering.


For more information on Aviva Private Clients have a look at our Aviva Private Clients Prospectus or contact your Aviva sales manager.

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