Tackling fraud together

Our focus on fraud continues and last month we held a session in London with a great cross section of brokers to talk about the fraud issues that insurers and brokers face and how they impact our overall industry. There were some great provocations from the session on what more we can be doing to help our brokers and their clients.

We had a lively interactive session on the effect of fraud on insurers, brokers and their clients.  We shared details of actions we’re taking and the plans that we’ve in place to tackle fraud. We also explored how we build awareness across our broker community, ensuring that we support you and your business to tackle this industry wide issue.  We’re currently delivering education and awareness sessions across our underwriting communities, discussing how our teams can work more closely with you and your staff in our fight to tackle fraud together.

We really enjoyed the day and were delighted with the broker representation and contribution. Here’s what Jo Turney, Senior Fraud and Controls Manager, from BGL Group had to say about the session;

“I found the fraud session very useful, particularly being able to speak to and hear the issues of the other Brokers, rarely do Brokers have the chance to do this.”

If you’d be interested in attending a fraud session, please just email us at theloop@aviva.co.uk

In the meantime, if you have any concerns about fraud related activity and the impacts it may have on your business please contact our Fraud Team at consumerfraud_ib@aviva.co.uk. Our team will be keen to help you in any way they can. If you have ideas about tackling fraud in our industry, please just email theloop@aviva.co.uk.

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