Public Liability limits that take care of business

Article Publish Date: Wednesday 4 October 2017


As part of our duty to ‘take care of business’, we’re continuously reviewing our commercial product offering to ensure it provides the right level of protection for your clients.

That combined with the potential impact of the Ogden report, has led us to review the standard Public Liability limit of indemnity offered for certain trades under our online Self Employed product.

Ogden could have a significant impact on the way personal injury compensation claims are calculated. Your clients need to ensure they have enough cover in place should a claim be made against them. With that in mind, we’ve identified 84 specific trades under our Self Employed contract where we believe a Public Liability limit of indemnity of £1m is no longer sufficient to adequately protect your clients.

For these 84 trades the minimum Public Liability limit we will now quote is £2m as standard across both Fast Trade and iMarket from 9 October 2017.

Our renewal offer will also change for these 84 trades. Where their current Public Liability limit is £1m we will now automatically issue renewal terms on a £2m limit. This will affect policies with renewal dates from 20 November 2017 onwards. Our documents will include a notice to the policyholder explaining the change.

For all other trades we will continue to offer a £1m limit option, but once selected you will be prompted to consider whether this is sufficient to cover a claim, particularly where someone has been seriously injured, and that we recommend a minimum limit of £2m.


For further information contact your Aviva sales manager, and to get a quote for your self-employed clients, log in to Fast Trade today.

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