In the event of a volcanic eruption

The Bardabunga Volcano in Iceland is on amber alert and there is a very real risk of eruption and subsequent impacts on travel.

The Q&A below has been prepared to support with any specific questions you get from customers who may be affected.


I am about to go on holiday/business trip however all airports are closed due to a volcanic ash cloud – what can I do?

If you have bought our optional Airspace Closure cover and the airspace or airport is closed on the day you are due to travel you can cancel your holiday/trip - all non refundable travel and accommodation costs up to the policy limit are covered as well as excursions if no suitable alternative flight is available within 24 hours.


I am worried that the volcanic ash cloud will affect my travel plans – what can I do?

Make sure you keep up to date with the latest news and also check regularly with the FCO website at /foreign-travel-advice.


I cannot return home due to the volcanic ash cloud – what do I need to do?

Your policy automatically extends cover for 14 days if you are unable to return home.

If you have purchased our optional Airspace Closure cover, Enforced Stay Abroad  cover is provided and  you will be able to claim for each 24 hours that you are unable to return home, or we will pay for your additional travel and accommodation expenses up to policy limits if you have to make own immediate alternative arrangements to come home.


Can I buy insurance to cover these events?

Yes, you can still buy insurance with the optional Airspace Closure cover which will cover you in the event that volcanic ash causes airspace to be closed and you need to cancel your holiday/trip or come home early. The cover can also be added to an existing policy. If however at the time of buying cover you know that you would be unable to travel or public Media has stated the anticipated cancellation of flights or closure of airspace, airports or ports that you are travelling from or through – then cover will not be provided.


I don’t have the optional Airspace Closure Cover – do I have any cover?

If you have a standard travel policy Delayed Departure cover is available where your departure from the UK has been delayed for more then 12 hours, if you are delayed for more than 24 hours we would ask you to call us so we can advise you further.


For any queries or for further information contact our claims teams

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