Making ordinary objects extraordinary

Artificial grass, a mirror, chalk board and a captains wheel - just some of the ordinary objects that have made a difference to the lives, and gardens, of three very special children since Peter at KGJ Insurance submitted Well Child into the Aviva Community Fund to win £25,000 of funding.  


In 2016 Peter Hallam, KGJ Insurance Group Director entered a project close to his heart into the Aviva Community Fund. Through entering the competition, gathering momentum with the voting stage and then being successful in the finals, Peter was awarded £25,000 for his favourite cause. We caught up with Peter to hear about the experience of entering the Aviva Community Fund and the difference winning has made for WellChild.

When we entered Wellchild for the Community Fund awards, we knew what a great impact this could have on a number of children who badly needed help. Once we had entered our application and received acceptance we embarked on a mission with our clients, who were great supporters in voting for us. We have been Wellchild supporters for many years and having completed a Garden Makeover for a local girl in Wolverhampton, we had first-hand experience of the kind of difference these projects make. Many of our larger clients having helped with supply of various items for our project, were already aware of the Good things Wellchild help to do. Once we explained how the voting could help with potential funding for more WellChild projects, they were delighted to help in getting their employees to vote too as well as family and friends. Everyone asking “how is the voting going?” kept all of KGJ’s own team motivated to keep spreading the word further.

Once the results were known we shared the great news with all of the people we had been cajoling, and we had so many fabulous e-mails back saying what great news it was.

As a company we are constantly trying to help, I also arranged for the “Manual Labour” for a WellChild project in February. As you can see from the WellChild stories, each project makes a massive difference for the families and only takes one or two days.

Our advice to anyone looking to enter the Aviva Community Fund is to think about how you might rally your team and supporters to achieve votes. It’s easy to put a project forward, but you’ve got to make the efforts to get votes.  It is important to put some thought into it to make sure that worthwhile causes such as this and the many others supported by different brokers can benefit in a very positive way. Our input as local brokers means a good cause can benefit from votes from our local contacts which makes a big difference. Apart from time, entering the Aviva Community Fund has no cost, so why not give it a shot”. Peter Hallam, KGJ Insurance Group Director.

You can view the details of the three WellChild projects that were supported through the Aviva Community Fund award of £25,000 here.


Look out for more information coming soon as we launch the 2017 Aviva Community Fund in September. Who will you support this year to win £1,000 - £25,000?

Article Publish Date: Monday 7 August 2017

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