Driving growth ambitions through Succession

Are you considering making an acquisition? How do you turn strategy into reality?

A well planned acquisition strategy can often help to breathe new life into an organisation and lead to renewed dynamism, energy and growth. Mike Greenland, head of sales south, agrees highlighting that “whilst retaining healthy competition is important, consolidation activity can bring strength and innovation”. This is often achieved through taking advantage of the synergies between the businesses to build better products, propositions and service models.


Mike also adds that “our relationships with broker’s means we are well positioned to help them achieve business aspirations. This could be by introducing them to external support or to other broker firms”. With the creation of our Succession Proposition, we’re helping independent brokers to be a natural home for other independent brokers, who are looking to sell – designed to create a legacy that all parties can look back on with pride.

Aviva’s succession proposition – support to realise your growth ambitions

To assist your growth ambitions, we’ve created a support proposition providing:

  • Long-term deals to provide greater certainty of earnings to work alongside external funding arrangements or in tandem with other sources of finance
  • Merger & acquisition consultancy
  • Assistance with identifying and approaching acquisition targets
  • Long term customer-centric insurance programmes
  • Employee integration support and added value benefits
  • Leadership training and sales optimisation to bolster strategic plans.

Do you want to find out more?                                                                                                   

To learn more about how Aviva can support you, please contact your Aviva sales manager or one of our succession experts for a confidential discussion;


Article Publish Date: Wednesday 5 July 2017

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