Learner driver insurance for cheaper than a driving lesson

Summertime has finally arrived. For most teenagers, the busy exam period is over which makes it the perfect time to take up driving lessons.

Outside of their driving lessons, many learners may wish to get additional practice sessions in, using a friend or family member’s car. However expensive insurance covers can make this difficult. Not with Dayinsure. This has been available since 2014 on Aviva marketplace and they specialise in providing temporary motor insurance solutions at affordable rates.


Cover from as little as £10 for 2 hours

Established in 2006, Dayinsure is the UK’s premier provider of online, short-term vehicle insurance and Dayinsure learner is a great way to practise driving a borrowed car. With Dayinsure, your client can receive fully comprehensive cover from as little as £10 for 2 hours, up to £226 for 5 months cover (pricing depends on the individual criteria). Not only that, but if the learner is using a friend’s or family members car to gain extra driving sessions, their NCD will also be protected with this policy.


Additional benefits of the cover

  • Low excess of £250.
  • Available to anyone that holds a current provisional UK driving licence and is 17 years or older (and meets other criteria)
  • Buy online in minutes and receive an email with the cover certificate instantly.
  • Unused premium will be refunded (subject to a cancellation charge).
  • Vehicles up to a market value of £30,000 can be insured.
  • Underwritten product by Aviva, giving your customers peace of mind.


Want to find out more?

For further information on the temporary motor insurance scheme or the wide range of specialist products catering for those harder-to-place risks, please visit Aviva Marketplace.


Article Publish Date: Wednesday 5 July 2017

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