Travelling to Cuba

Cuba is an idyllic holiday destination and it’s now the third most popular holiday destination in the Caribbean.  The main advice from the Foreign Office, when travelling to Cuba is to make sure your client has travel insurance cover as they will be expected to present their insurance policy on arrival*. Does your preferred travel insurer cover Cuba?

As part of our business travel product, we include leisure travel, so if a Director of a business is going on holiday, their travel insurance will already be in place and for destinations such as Cuba they would simply present their documents on arrival. For Directors, this is all offered as standard and we can also look to include this for their employees too.

Not every insurer includes cover to Cuba. American owner insurance companies can’t provide cover due to current sanctions imposed. At Aviva, we can offer cover for your clients who are travelling to Cuba and other territories that some insurers may not be able to write, meaning you can still provide cover for one of the world’s favourite destinations.

If you’d like to find out more about our business travel product or get a quote just get in touch with Sian Escott on 0121 6967380.




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