Edition 6: Map out your marketing for success

Since November 2016, we’ve been sharing with you a suite of documents from our Business Optimisation team. The aim of this suite of documents is to help shine a light on opportunities that can help maximise the potential of your business. Whether you’re a business principle or an account handler, everyone has a part to play in the success and growth of an organisation.


This month, we’re bringing you the sixth edition in the Business Optimisation suite – Marketing.

We’re pleased to be sharing with you, practical advice on how to improve marketing within your organisation to help grow your business. The importance of marketing can often be overlooked but there are some simple steps that you can put in place to make sure you don’t miss key opportunities.

View the marketing document here.


In case you missed them, you can view the previous editions here:

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The next topic to be covered is cross sales and prospecting. Look out for this in the June edition of The Loop.

In the meanwhile, you can improve your knowledge of all the subjects covered on mydevelopment.zone. 

For more specific information on marketing, log onto brokermentor.co.uk today for free access to a range of marketing tools and templates.

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