Succession and the importance of advice

When you’re considering selling your business it’s really important to get the right advice. Where do you go for this advice?

Developing and executing a succession plan can be a long process that starts with understanding the options available and preparing the business for sale, through to completing the transaction and embedding the business in the new environment, post-sale. Obtaining independent advice and expertise throughout the process is critical to achieving a successful outcome. It’s similar in many ways to the reasons that we would recommend that businesses should use the services of a professional commercial insurance broker for their business insurance. 

Nick Burrows, Aviva Senior Distribution Propositions Manager agrees “brokers who seek expert advice tend to have a much more rewarding experience. We are fortunate to work with a range of specialists and names from the industry who have been there and done it and who make themselves available to our brokers”.

We believe that a thriving independent broking sector is good for the industry and for our customers and we’ve had a long history of supporting independent brokers. When a broker principle decides to step away from a business or look to undertake acquisition activity, we have developed a variety of options to support them.

For more information on succession and advice, have a look The Insurance Age article which focusses on this topic.

Support for buying and selling brokers

Our succession proposition puts expert advice at the heart of our approach, providing access to a number of organisations and experts who can assist brokers throughout or at specific stages of the process that includes:

  • Independent business consultancy
  • Sourcing funding solutions
  • Obtaining valuations
  • Compliance
  • Legal and Tax
  • Marketing and PR
  • HR consultancy

Do you want to find out more? 

Contact one of our Succession experts for a confidential chat;

Nick Burrows at  or 07889 363 549

Michelle Hardy at  or 07800 692 256


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