There's still time to take advantage of your exclusive Timebox deal…

There's still time to take advantage of your exclusive Timebox deal



The FCA are becoming more and more focused on how a firm is run than ever before. Brokers need to start thinking about how they can increase income and run their business to remain profitable and viable. We’ve seen the IFA community battle with both hard disclosure and a fee based regime which has forced them to examine their model and find out what they are worth.”


Terence Clark, Compliance Director, RWA Group



Whilst the debate rumbles on over future commission disclosure and a move to fees based trading, there’s no doubt that many brokers are planning ahead and taking steps today to prepare for tomorrow.


How can we help?

Aviva teamed up with Alphatec Software in 2012 to offer our Club 110 Brokers an exclusive deal for Timebox. That deal is due to expire at the end of November this year, so we wanted to make sure you don’t miss out. 


Timebox is an award winning client profitability system which will help you:


                    Maximise client profitability

                    Improve service levels and client retention

                    Analyse fee and commission based clients

                    Optimise resource utilisation

                    Identify growth areas

                    Highlight strategies to improve sustainability and growth


What are brokers saying about Timebox?


“Subscribing to Timebox has enabled us to raise our standards and professionalism whilst remaining competitive. We’ve sustained our annual turnover despite the difficult market conditions meaning we can focus on service commitment and integrity”


Grant Scott, Director, Cowens Survival Capability


“Timebox is a tool that can add considerable value to a broking business where understanding the cost of undertaking particular tasks is critical. I am convinced Timebox will provide the data necessary to make informed decisions over what and how to deliver the full range of services provided by brokers as we head towards a position of total transparency of earnings”


Ian Stutz, Managing Director, Brokerbility


How can I learn more?


To view a free demonstration of the system, please contact Simon Davies, Alphatec Sales Director on   Tel: 07825-085631 or Email: Or visit our website at



Don’t forget that this information and more can be found on the Club 110 Members Lounge.


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