Aviva Private Clients – Summer Holidays

With summer approaching many of us will have turned our minds to holidays or staycations.  During this planning time we hear messages all the time telling us about associated risks from holiday booking fraudsters, illnesses or crime whilst away to protecting ourselves from the sun. 

At Aviva Private Clients we want to share some ideas to assist your customers to ensure they have a trouble free summer. We know this is not always possible so it’s important that customers have adequate cover for their belongings and have Travel Insurance in place – both of which are available with our Aviva Private Clients products.

The warmer weather means people begin to make more use of their gardens and often leave windows open and doors unlocked. This can give thieves the opportunity to get into homes easily so, whilst it may sound obvious, make sure doors and windows are locked and valuables and car keys are kept out of sight.

If you’re going on holiday, the main trick is to avoid a home looking empty and the best way to do this is to have the house ‘lived in’ by friends, family or colleagues – just remember it’s important that anyone coming in to the home knows how to re-set the alarm correctly and use any other security devices.  Home sitters can provide someone to look after the property and offer discounted rates for Aviva Private Clients.

Below are some other simple suggestions to protect a home:

  • Closing and locking all windows, doors and outbuildings.
  • Don’t use social media or the internet to publicise any absences from home by posting status updates – these can all advertise the fact a house is empty.
  • Use timer switches for lamps, TV’s or radios.
  • Ask trusted friends, family or neighbours to put rubbish bins back if they’re collected while away as this is another sign that the house is empty.
  • Ask a trusted friend or neighbour to park on your clients drive if they’re taking their car with them.
  • Arranging someone to visit the property each day to check everything is okay, pick up post, remove leaflets/papers from the letterbox and open and draw curtains – again they need to know how to re-set the alarm correctly and use any other security devices

If it is a long trip (more than 2 weeks) arrange for someone to cut the grass and make sure the outside of the property is kept in order.

When planning a holiday your clients can get advice from 
https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice but there are a number of other websites which can give useful travel and safety advice. While on holiday it is advisable to:

  • Avoid taking valuables wherever possible.
  • Use the hotel main safe wherever possible, if valuable items are taken.
  • Not to carry more cash than is needed. Carry a card to cover emergencies as these can be cancelled quickly and replaced.
  • Take advice and avoid ‘no-go’ areas
  • Be discreet when taking valuables out and about - don’t show them off.



Remember, most holidays are without major incident but for peace of mind Aviva Private Clients offer home insurance with worldwide cover and annual travel insurance which covers cancellation, medical expenses and repatriation.  For full details of the cover these policies can provide, eligibility and terms and conditions please contact your Aviva Private Clients Team.

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