Get your Aviation cover off to a flying start

Do you have any clients involved in the aviation industry? Did you know Aviva can offer Aviation cover through Marketplace, with our experts in the field - Hayward Aviation.


Hayward Aviation is the UK’s leading general aviation insurance broker.  Established in 1992 they have experience in arranging every type of aviation related insurance risk and will provide you with expert knowledge and support for your clients.

The Aviation Traders scheme provides a specialist commercial combined policy designed for businesses and individuals involved in the aviation industry. This includes aircraft operators, airfield owners, flying schools, manufacturers, maintenance, repair and overhaul organisations and other business based at an airport or airfield or who are regularly working at an airport or airfield.

Key features

  • The policy has been designed specifically for those working in the aviation industry
  • Material damage cover included whilst airside
  • Employers Liability insurance covering aircrew and employees working airside
  • Public Liability, excluding aviation liability risks
  • Quick turnaround of referrals
  • Underwritten by Aviva, UK General Insurer of the year


For further information on the Aviation Traders scheme or the wide range of specialist products catering for those harder-to-place risks, please visit Aviva Marketplace.

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