MG11 Statements Update

When a motorist is stopped on the roadside by the Police, they’ll complete an insurance check. If this then shows they aren’t insured to drive, who needs to complete the MG11 statement stating that the individual doesn’t have insurance?


MG11 is a written statement which is used to give evidence in court and there are a vast variety of reasons why one is completed. Unfortunately, insurers are no longer able to complete MG11 statements. This is because the Courts no longer accept insurer’s evidence as it’s not stored, administered or accessed on any of their platforms. Any evidence supplied by insurers may be deemed inadmissible in Court under the ‘hearsay’ provisions of CJA 2003.


Therefore, you’ll now be responsible for completing MG11 statements and attending court.


How will we support you?

Whilst we can’t complete MG11 statements for you, our Policy Investigations Unit (PIU) will;

  • act as point-of-contact for Police and other government bodies who may submit requests under DPA Section 29(3)
  • receive, vet (to ensure compliance), log and distribute statement requests to the relevant Brokers as necessary 
  • support your action of the DPA Section 29(3) request and completion of requisite statement
  • store documents centrally - which will ensure the maintenance of correct chain-of-evidence – please send a copy to PIU
  • supply MG11 template including all requisite legal headers/disclaimers in order to ensure compliance


We’ll update you with any future regulatory changes which may affect format/provision of MG11 statement.


Any questions?

You can get in touch with PIU 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday on 0345 300 0597 or at

If your request is urgent, we recommend that you get in touch by telephone.

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