The Aviva Development Zone gets smarter, faster, better

The Aviva Development Zone is our leading e-learning platform, offering insurance professionals the opportunity to engage in lifelong learning, build skills and competencies and develop their full potential. Following on from feedback from our learners, we’ve made some enhancements for 2017.

RWA, the company behind the Aviva Development Zone, have drawn upon feedback from learners and insights gathered from usage data, to develop several improvements.


Why is the Aviva Development Zone changing?

The aim behind the project is to enhance the user experience by adding additional functionality, simplifying the interface and incorporating powerful new features.

The result is an intuitive design, which is both appealing and easy to navigate, whether learners access the platform via a mobile, tablet or desktop.


What improvements can you expect?

The innovative e-learning platform retains the features, course content and user experience that has earned it numerous accolades. Following the update, which is scheduled for Monday 13 March 2017, it’ll include a range of additional features to greatly enhance functionality, including an enhanced support function, with reference sheets and video tutorials.

To help guide you through the updates, RWA have put together a brief guide, which covers general site improvements, course catalogue and content updates, the new ‘questions by email’ feature, and the overall user experience. Please view the guide here.


Want to find out more?

If you have any questions or queries regarding the update, or DevZone in general, please contact RWA directly either by email, or by telephone 01495 708 037.



We hope that you will enjoy and benefit from the improved Aviva Development Zone.

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