Looking after people working at height

Did you know that 144 workers died whilst working during 2015/16. Of these, 26% were killed as a result of falling from a height.* Are your clients doing enough to protect their employees from falls from a height?

In the majority of cases, employers have failed to conduct adequate risk assessments and have allowed their staff to carry out jobs without having the necessary safeguards in place.

Whilst falls are commonly associated with work in the construction industry, many occur in less risky circumstances such as electricians falling from ladders, teachers falling from chairs or shop assistants falling when trying to get boxes down from high shelving and storage racks. 


The HSE states that those planning work at height must:

  • avoid work at height where they can
  • use work equipment or other measures to prevent falls where they can’t avoid working at height
  • where they cannot eliminate the risk of a fall, use work equipment or other measures to minimise the distances and consequences of a fall should one occur.

At Aviva, we’re here to provide solutions to help prevent such incidences. All Aviva liability risk consultants can provide advice on safe working at heights and have access to our network of preferred suppliers.


If you’d like more information or assistance, please visit Aviva Risk Management Solutions or contact us at riskadvice@aviva.co.uk 



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