Putting you in the driving seat for Classic Car insurance

With the Classic Car season fast approaching it’s a good time to consider Hagerty’s Classic Car policy. Available on Marketplace, it has been one of the most popular and successful products since it’s launch in 2015.

Hagerty are the leading provider of classic vehicle insurance, services and resources worldwide.  With 30 years' experience, insuring over a million vehicles worldwide, Hagerty are a true classic vehicle specialist. They understand the cars we insure and therefore offer a comprehensive policy which will exceed your client’s needs. While other companies may shy away from non-traditional vehicles, Hagerty welcomes them. Whether your client owns a Silver Ghost, E Type, F40, Cobra or even a Morris Marina, they insure them all.  Plus, they know that collectors are among the safest drivers on the road - a fact that allows us to provide an excellent level of cover at extremely competitive rates.

 The Classic Car insurance policy includes:

  • Agreed Value: Whilst most cars depreciate, classic maintain or go up in value. Our agreed value covers classic car’s actual value.
  • Service and Knowledge: The team is comprised of classic car enthusiasts who will help determine values for your clients’ vehicles and are dedicated to offer you fast, efficient and friendly service.
  • Competitive premiums: Lower on average than standard policies.
  • Expert claims handling: Working with our partners, Hagerty have experienced adjusters who specialise in handling claims  on classic vehicles – available 24/7
  • Key extras: Including multi-vehicle discounts, European cover and your choice of repairer.

For further information on the Classic Car product or the wide range of specialist products catering for those harder-to-place risks, please visit Aviva Marketplace or contact your Aviva sales manager.

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