Looking after your Aviva Private Clients vehicles

The Office for National Statistics reports that there were almost 358,000 reported thefts from, or of a vehicle in 2014. As car technology advances so does the sophistication of car thieves. How does an Aviva Private Client keep their vehicles safe?

Here are our top four suggestions to keep Aviva Private Client’s vehicles safe;

  1. Check it’s really locked- it sounds straightforward but most of us assume it’s locked as we rush away to meet friends or get to work. Have you heard the clunk? Have the lights flashed? Try the handle to be sure. If your car has a keyless system then look back through the window to check the internal locking mechanism has worked.
  2. Look after your keys- keep them secure and hidden. During a burglary, thieves are likely to target the keys to prestige cars and simply drive them away. So to protect yourself don’t keep keys in the hallway or in an obvious key cupboard near the door. If you’re away from home don’t leave keys in your bag or pocket, keep them with you.
  3. Take care where you park- if you have a garage use it for your car. If you’re away from your home or don’t have a garage then try to park in a well-lit open place or a secure car park. Double check that the windows are closed and the doors are locked.
  4. Fit an immobiliser or tracking device - get a Thatcham approved electronic immobiliser fitted. Thatcham are a vehicle research body funded by the insurance industry and have been at the forefront of the battle against vehicle theft. Thatcham devices are usually more secure than the cars’ standard security because they don’t use the cars’ on-board diagnostic socket. There are a number of different categories of device available and Insurers will have different requirements depending on the value and attractiveness of the vehicle to thieves.

Our Aviva Private Clients team can offer guidance on car security – contact them today on 0800 158 2158.

Set the highest standard of protection

Give your clients the assurance that the belongings they treasure are protected with the same care and precision with which they chose them. Find out what Aviva Private Clients can offer your clients today and discover more of the good thinking behind our enhanced high net worth offering.

For more information on Aviva Private Clients have a look at our Aviva Private Clients Prospectus or contact your Aviva sales manager.

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