Your House enhancements - £1m buildings sum insured

Giving your business a boost

We just wanted to let you know about some key enhancements we’ve made to our Your House product.


From today, 6 August 2014 we've increased our buildings sum insured to £1m for all new business, this will be our new standard product limit ensuring your clients get the cover they need. We’ve also introduced the ability to write buildings only cover.


And, we’re not stopping there! We’ve introduced a new innovative rating solution which will make our rating more competitive than ever before.


These changes will also become effective for any renewal business from 6 September 2014.

In a challenging market, we know it can be hard to grow your business without compromising on the cover you offer your customers – but consolidating business with Aviva can help you do just that.


What do we mean by a ‘consolidation’?

Grouping some or all of your household insurance business together with us, rather than spreading it across a number of carriers.


Benefits to boost your business

We recognise that you need quick, hassle-free ways to help take your business to new heights. With consolidations, you can benefit from:

  • more time – just one set of paperwork to deal with, no more ringing round multiple carriers
  • increased efficiency – only one process to work with
  • peace of mind – you know you can trust Aviva to provide quality products and first-class service

Consolidating can also help give you a financial boost, reducing your operating costs and offering you a competitive edge to help increase revenue.


If you have any questions about these changes or would like to talk through any consolidation opportunities, please just get in touch with your Aviva business development manager.


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