How thermographic technology can help your business

Did you know that faults in property electrical systems or machinery account for a significant number of building fires?

Electrical systems are at the heart of every business. Without a building, an integrated system or a piece of equipment will probably be unable to operate. Anything that can improve electrical reliability and availability, together with reducing the number of potential ignition sources, is a very positive and powerful tool to utilise.

How can businesses protect themselves against electrical fires?

Fixed wiring, portable appliances and machinery need to be regularly inspected to avoid overheating or insulation failure which, if left unchecked, could cause a fire.

Did you know?

  • Thermographic cameras can also show structural defects or cracks and help identify or trace water leaks in buildings.
  • This technology can identify air leaks and find the source of drafts to help improve insulation and energy loss.

How can we help?

At Aviva, we’re here to provide solutions to help prevent such incidences. All Aviva property risk consultants have and are trained to use thermal imaging cameras on property surveys. We’re also working with leading supplier PASS to offer businesses the opportunity to protect their world against the threat of electrical faults through purchasing their own thermographic camera. Aviva clients can benefit from preferential prices for a thermographic camera.

If you’d like more information or assistance, please visit Aviva Risk Management Solutions or contact us at 

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